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July 1, 2010


This is the (F.B.I.)

June 30, 2009

—-Original Message—–
From: “FBI”
Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 1:35am
To: undisclosed-recipients, ,
Subject: THIS IS THE (F.B.I)

Robert S. Mueller
Executive Director FBI


Dear Esteem Beneficiary,

Have you receive your fund from the FedEx Courier Service Nigeria? Or from any organization claiming that they have your fund with them? We have been watching every transactions that you made from last year 2008 up till date and you have to know that we are also working to make sure that your fund which is supposed to be delivered to you some days ago can be immediately be delivered to you without any further delay or any kind of excuses.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation does not want any of our citizens to lose their fund and that is why we have been working every hour on our cyber watch department so you won’t get burnt by this scammers.

We are aware of every payment you have made on the transaction you are into to make the transaction succeed, yet the fund is still held down by the drug law agency and the immigration officer at the airport.

We want you to take note that our special investigation service diplomatic men are the one to deliver your fund of $5.8million to you without any further roadblock agencies.

The diplomatic delivery men are in Nigeria where your fund is originated at the international airport now, as soon as you get back to this email by applying to the instruction that is sent to you, the delivery will take effect immediately.

The payment you are to send now so that your fund can finally get to you is the sum of $400USD for the airport clearance of your fund due to the huge amount of money, and as soon as this has been sent down via money gram or western union international money transfer, the delivery will take immediate effect by the delivery diplomatic men.

You have to stop every transaction you are into and communication with other organization to avoid delay on processing of your fund and wrong contact that is why we at the FBI have email you to warn you that your fund is in Nigeria at the immigration office where the diplomatic men will deliver it to you personally as soon as the payment of $400USD is sent to them.

Get back to us at the FBI as soon as you receive this email.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Robert S. Mueller,
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001, USA

When asked what statement he thinks his LV designs made, he responded with a simple “I think it sent a message that it was not a bad thing for artists to have clients.” As if any hired artist would splash anime baby-faces over a revered and respected institution.

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This year, the SWINDLE Icons are more than celebrities or ubiquitous faces in the media. We relish in the merits of these men and women who have transcended failure to make their unique mark on culture.But most of all, we celebrate these Icons whose influence will persist long after they are gone, through the people they have mentored, and inspired

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One of the most inappropriate nicknames of all time, at least in my opinion, belonged to Ronald Reagan: “The Great Communicator,” who we’ve come to learn did a pretty shitty job of communicating the government’s problems and indiscretions. A nickname like that deserves a more righteous, honest owner-someone like BANKSY.

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How to use QuickTime Movie files to trick the user into executing malicious JavaScript code. The technique presented here does not relay on a vulnerability bur rather on an insecure feature present in QuickTime player from version 3, up to the latest version 7.

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Do snakes have a bad reputation because of Satan in Genesis 3? Are they inherently evil, or do they serve a practical purpose in Creation? How does this film portray them?

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