Daly CIty Renegades talk about the DOG

March 22, 2006

The Daly City Renegades talk about the DOG after he tries to arrest one of there teammates.

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11 Responses to “Daly CIty Renegades talk about the DOG”

  1. D Says:

    The Owner and Head Coach were stupid for not working with Dog. Daly City Police should pull info on all of them because they clearly like hiding things and lying.

  2. Shamed Says:

    Although Leland may have been to quick to identify a possible, I’m glad that sole didn’t b#$@% slap him. The coaches and owner made the wrong choice as responsible adults. I hope that guy was fully prosecuted. What a shame…

  3. S. Vialpando Says:

    Cisco lutu ur hot baby! As for dog and his crew they were doing their job.. However, sulu’s friends were doing their job… So… Get over it…

  4. Nirvair Says:

    i was born n raised in daly city bayb on king blvd …i loved seeing my old stopping grounds on tv and seeing all the samoan and tongan homeboys holding it down..

  5. jon Says:

    Since when is lying and protecting a drug dealer considered just ‘doing your job’. That’s what I don’t understand about this family thing. It’s okay for family to lie, steal, kill. There’s no right or wrong – just family. That’s good thinkin’.

  6. hawaiian-born Says:

    can someone update me as to what happened with the owner MATT?? Did he get arrested or did he get off? Why does it seem that the Samoans and Tongans on the mainland are more arrogant and problematic than those on the islands?? Samoans and Tongans here in Hawaii are tough but respectful.. Is this just a bad assumption on my part or is there any truth to this.. somebody reply.

  7. kk Says:

    Dog is the Bomb!!!!! He hunted that motherfucker down, and I hope the owner wnet to jail.

  8. MARK Says:

    The piece of trash got what was coming to him.
    Big tuff Samoan on his way to prison.Deal with that buddy.We have laws in AMERICA nuff said and if trash can’t follow laws to prison they go.

  9. Wakaluku Says:

    WHERE teammate?

    Jesus, the illiteracy in this country is just spreading…

  10. poisonangel Says:

    If TUTU LULU seriously thinks after acting the way he did and then trying to sue someone that he would honestly get a dime he is stupid. I guess he already proved that though. TUTU lets not forget who is a nobody who can’t get PRO and who has their own T.V. Show. In need of some money TUTU? GET A REAL JOB. Stop trying to sue people for money that they dont owe you.

  11. Very nice vidps3atxvipx

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