Tired of snail mail spam?

April 12, 2006

With each trip to the mail box you become more and more buried in tons of junk mail. Well no longer will you fall victim to the sneaky junk mail peddlers. Learn how to regain your mail box. Learn how to end junk mail forever.

I cannot wait to to this today and tommarow and the day after. I wish i could do this somehow for the junk mail ads that i get. But i guess i can just put those ads in the mail back to someone.

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One Response to “Tired of snail mail spam?”

  1. Nick Says:

    There’s plenty you can do to slow down the flood of bulk advertising mail. For example, USPS has a Form 1500 you can file that was originally designed to stop pornographic junk mail, but it can also be used for standard mail(bulk advertising). You will never be able to completely stop junk mail, but you stop most of it. There’s one service I know about that charges $10 for setup and $3 per month.

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